Meet Katie Jackson-Griffin!

What made you decide to become a mental health provider?

Katie Jackson-Griffin, LCPC

In high school, I took an introductory psychology course and became fascinated with how our brains work. I explored this further in college and

became even more intrigued. The information also paired well with my natural ability to be a good listener and my drive to help others. This profession seemed to be the best fit for not only my interests but also for my strengths.

What are your areas of expertise?

My Background

After graduate school, I was working with those in the foster care system and in underserved areas. I found that I was able to provide empathy as well as a path toward healing for those who had experienced physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.  After finding a passion for working with families and parents, I gained experience working with those diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum and their families. I found that these families were coping with similar challenges as the families I worked with who were experiencing trauma. Having a child with unique needs is impactful and often brings about feelings of loss, guilt, and anxiety about the future. Working together, we create a unique path toward coping with the often unexpected events of parenting a child on the spectrum.

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My Skill Set and Beliefs

I create an individualized path by partnering with my clients. Together, clients learn ways to cope with the symptoms they have from their trauma so that it does not have as much of an impact on them in their day to day life.In addition to working with families, I found a natural ability to connect with those diagnosed on the spectrum. I have worked with adults who are integrating this identity and diagnosis into their lives.

My experiences demonstrate when I have been able to use these skills to work with two specific populations. I believe that I also work well with those who are experiencing a wide range of symptoms related to traumatic events, including divorce, big life changes, moves, and much more. Additionally, my approach works well with those struggling with anxiety and depression no matter the origin of these challenges. When I mention my clinical approach, it tends to be two-fold: first addressing the symptoms to help you feel better in day-to-day life and then diving deeper in the systems (family, culture, society, etc.) that may have contributed to why you were experiencing these symptoms. This approach helps to address the full picture of what is going on and to create long-lasting change. I have found that it is a great combination of finding tools that fit your lifestyle to give you some immediate relief and then challenging you to explore deeper how the symptoms around you have shaped your core beliefs and values. Some of these core beliefs and values aren’t serving you well and that’s when we work together to adjust them so they are no longer interfering with your life.

What do you find most enjoyable about your job?

I love the times when I feel like my clients have an “aha moment”: when they hadn’t considered a certain perspective and this gives them some relief. I also really enjoy how much I learn from my clients. Connecting with so many different people has really expanded my worldview and helped me to be a more kind and empathetic person.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to read novels, try new restaurants, ride my bike, try new fitness classes, and spend time with my family and friends. I recently learned how to knit so I’m hoping to make some good personal gifts for the holidays!

What is your favorite quote?

My favorite quote is “However long the night, the dawn will break”

~African Proverb

Where would you like to travel to next?

I have a big travel “to go” list. Just a few would be Iceland, Egypt, Cuba, Greece, Switzerland, Russia, and Kenya. I recently returned from Thailand in May 2018 and I’m already ready for another big adventure!

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