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The potential to restore your best self lies within you. It’s time to feel empowered to make meaningful changes.

People, young and old alike, often become masked with layers of stress. If we don’t attend to each layer, they can build up until we no longer recognize ourselves; we become someone we never intended to be.

It’s time to peel back the layers to uncover the best version of you – the version of you that feels empowered to tackle whatever life may send your way.

The solutions are within you.

People of all ages, races, and professions face struggles. Life pressures and mental health difficulties do not discriminate. The circumstances may vary, but you are not weak – and you are not alone!

The solution may feel lost, but it’s not. You are the solution! The potential to restore your best self lies within you. It’s time to feel empowered to make meaningful, lasting changes.


We join you on your journey to
self-discovery. We encourage and support
you. The answers you have been seeking are
within you; let’s uncover them together.

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About the Restorative Counseling Team

We are passionate about helping clients thrive. We have many years of professional, educational, and personal experience across a wide range of specialties that are utilized to promote healing and growth.

At Restorative Counseling, we are dedicated to helping clients embrace who they are as they are. Our experienced team provides effective and supportive counseling. Working collaboratively, we will identify strengths to build a solid foundation for building resiliency.

LGTBQIA AffirmingRestorative Counseling is an LGBTQIA-affirming practice. 

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