Virtual Counseling

Counseling during COVID

The need for convenient, effective counseling is not a new demand. However, the impact of coronavirus has led many people to consider virtual counseling when they otherwise may not have done so. Sound like you? You are not alone!

Although Restorative Counseling has proudly offered this service for years, many insurance companies have made exceptions allowing you access to services you may need during the pandemic. The disruption and uncertainty of COVID-19 does not need to be faced alone. Life can feel challenging for so many reasons right now, but we can help. Each clinician has their own unique training and specialty areas. We will work with you to find the best fit to serve your needs.

Worried about cost? What if you had to move home (out of state) due to university closures? We’ve got you covered! We verify your insurance benefits and inform you of your coverage before your first session. Many states are also making exceptions allowing services to be offered across state lines to ensure that COVID does not impact your access to care. You just need to inform us where you will be, and we will go to work exploring options to ensure you get the care you need and deserve.

Just getting to a therapy appointment can be difficult.

Virtual CounselingLate again. Traffic is terrible. The kids have a game. You have work to do. And the low fuel light just came on. You’re stressed already, and now you have 40 minutes to make an hour-long commute. So much time wasted. Is all this worth it?

But you’ve made a commitment. And, yes. It’s worth it. You deserve to have the care you need.

But there’s a solution:  Virtual Counseling.

Tele-mental health, teletherapy, and so on – it goes by many names, but virtual counseling allows you to meet directly and securely with your therapist through live and interactive video and audio conferencing.

Why virtual counseling?

Virtual CounselingSimple. It gives you more accessible counseling options.

Busy Schedule? No problem. You can schedule your session on your lunch break, after the kids are asleep, whenever it’s convenient for you. No more wasted travel time.

Transportation or mobility issues? Again, no fuss. You can schedule your session no matter where you are if you have privacy and an Internet connection.

Distance concerns? No longer. If you live outside Chicago and don’t think that in-person therapy would work for you, think again. You can now receive services from the comfort of your own home.

So how does it work?

You’ll meet with your therapist through real-time video and audio over a secure online connection.

But is it secure?

Yes. We use a HIPAA-secure video platform to protect your privacy and confidentiality.

How does insurance work?

Many insurance companies cover online counseling just the same as an office visit. If your insurance does not cover this service, we offer convenient self-pay options.

We can help!

We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

Just as with in-person sessions, clinicians work together with you to select the methods that would best fit your needs to improve your quality of life.

Virtual counseling can help you live the life you deserve. No more excuses! The time to act is now.

Contact us today to learn more.

Online sessions are available only to individuals located in the state of Illinois at the time of service and cannot be provided to anyone outside of the state of Illinois without prior approval.

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