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The Restorative Counseling team is passionate about breaking down the barriers and stigma related to mental health.

We understand that life can be difficult at times. Whether you’re feeling stuck, disconnected from loved ones, or are struggling to manage the demands, we are here to help you!

At Restorative Counseling our purpose is “helping you uncover your best self.” Quality psychotherapy services are available for every phase of life. We aim to separate ourselves from all other practices through the culture of care for clinicians and clients alike. Our aim is a culture of warmth and belonging where everyone is welcome. We firmly believe in several core values that set us apart from all the rest:

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Our team celebrates diversity and views it as a strength. We promote the diversity of our team and the clients we serve. We are an open and accepting community that is welcoming to all. Our clinicians’ diverse backgrounds and specialties allow us to address a comprehensive range of difficulties clients across the lifespan.

Each clinician has unique experience and specialization. However, we all strive to provide effective and supportive counseling that helps clients find peace and constructively deal with difficulties. To learn more, click on the name or photo below. We are here and ready to help you uncover your best self!

We will help you identify and build upon your strengths to make meaningful change.