Written by Stephanie Grunewald, PhD

Recently, Jane has been having a really hard time. She has a co-worker next to her and they aren’t getting along. In fact, there have been several conflicts between them lately and it is beginning to impact Jane’s work.

She has talked with other co-workers and friends, but nothing is really changing. Jane has considered seeking professional help but has struggled with following through. The thought kept going through her head…

Do I really need “help”?

Jane is not alone in wondering this. Many people struggle with the decision to seek out mental health services. There are many stigmas and beliefs surrounding the idea of going to therapy or counseling. Why bother?

(Just a brief note, we refer to counseling and therapy interchangeably but there are slight differences in the professions. Because we have Psychologists, Social Workers, and Professional Counselors, we use the term clinician to encompass all of these specialties.)

That answer is simple…it can help!

We all run into struggles in life. Friends are great, but they are not trained in effective ways to help you make long-term, meaningful change. That is where we come in.

Let’s explore together how you might benefit from counseling.

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Going to counseling doesn’t mean something is wrong with you!

Often, people feel ambivalent when they are looking into counseling services. It can be difficult to determine which tools will best serve the purpose you are trying to achieve. It can feel daunting at times. Perhaps, you may even wish to quit but you have to remember the goal that brought you here in the first place. Counseling is hard work, but we are here to help you.

Many people can benefit from having an unbiased perspective from time to time.

Counseling is not intended as a place to seek advice, rather it is an opportunity to process and explore what feels right for you. Coping strategies may be suggested or tools may be taught, depending on what is appropriate for your unique situation.

You will not have to go for the rest of your life.

Many people feel that they will have to go for a very long time. However, that is not always the case. Some individuals have many difficulties to work through, which may take more time. Others may just need short-term services. Clinicians will work with the clients to assess their needs and when terminating services may be appropriate. If something comes up down the road, we are always here to help.

After making the decision to contact a clinician, Jane was able to share all that was going on. She realized her conflict at work was much more than that. With the support of a clinician, Jane was able to explore the various stressors in her life and learned new strategies for dealing with conflict. Her relationships have improved and her work performance has bounced back too.

Every person has unique challenges and your case may vary from Jane’s but many people can attest to the positive changes that can occur and the various benefits of seeking counseling services. Some seek counseling after a traumatic event, others are having difficulty adjusting to life circumstances, and sometimes relationships are in need of help. Whatever the challenge may be, there are clinicians available to help. Be sure to read our blog next week about finding the right clinician for you.

We are here and ready to help you uncover your best self! Contact us now to schedule an appointment with Restorative Counseling.

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