The need to be perfect can be overwhelming.

Being perfect in all aspects of life is impossible! Social media makes it increasingly easy to compare ourselves to others. How do I compare to others related to parenting, school, relationships?

Living with these constant comparisons increases the likelihood of feeling anxious, depressed, and devalued.

What does it mean to be a perfectionist, or to live with perfectionism?

While many will argue that perfectionism has benefits, there is a difference between wanting to be successful and struggling with perfectionism. How do you know which one you are dealing with?

Perfectionism leads to unhealthy thoughts and feelings:

• If I don’t complete this task I am a failure
• Feeling anxious, depressed, or ashamed
• High attention to detail, and not seeing the big picture
• Always being afraid of being evaluated negatively

You are enough!

Recognizing your need to be perfect – and telling yourself it’s ok not to be – is an important step. Perfection is not realistic, but that does not mean success is lost. We will work with you to set realistic and attainable expectations and to help you practice self-compassion. You deserve to feel accomplished and proud for all of your hard work!

We can help!

We will partner with you to overcome the constraints of perfectionism. It is time to harness your efforts and realize your accomplishments.

Contact us today to begin your journey to overcoming perfectionism. Restorative Counseling is ready to support you on your journey towards self-love and acceptance!

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