Counseling for Stress Management

Navigating life can bring a lot of pressure – our counseling sessions can help you learn how to decompress, and reconnect with others & yourself.

Stress Management ChicagoThe pressure to succeed professionally and personally is not a new phenomenon. However, the advances in technology have changed the expectations dramatically. It is increasingly difficult to leave work at the office thanks to emails and messaging that are available on phones and laptops.

Trying to enjoy an evening with your family may be interrupted by the urge to get on social media platforms to see what everyone else is up to. With the never-ending access to people, places, and events that are near and far, it has becoming increasingly difficult to be present in the moment.

Somehow, instead of being connected to the ones we are with, staying connected with those who are not near has taken precedence.

We are always connected!

Stress Management Chicago

Often, people underestimate the impact of constant stress. With the never-ending to-do list mounting, people fall into auto-pilot; this robotic method of getting through every day by merely going through the motions removes the excitement and connection that would otherwise be present.

Your constant attention on what needs to be done and who needs to be responded to often means that you are neglecting yourself. When do you check in to assess your own needs? Are you aware of when you need to recharge?

Where’s the reset button?

Stress Management Chicago

In a world where self-care has been deemed selfish and bragging about lack of sleep is a means of noting commitment, it is time to break the status quo!

Learning to manage your stress and care for yourself is critical to ensuring you can continue tackling all the other commitments in your life. IT STARTS WITH YOU! You don’t fit in self-care with whatever time you have remaining for yourself; you must prioritize it.

Failure to manage stress effectively…

Stress Management Chicago…can lead to mental health or physical conditions. You’ve heard of exhaustion, burnout, and constant worry. These are real responses to stress. Less known but generally present is difficulty concentrating, feeling stuck, and irritability. Stress can also keep you from sleeping, thus creating intense fatigue.

Physically, stress can attack your gastrointestinal (GI) system and cause discomfort; your immune system can become compromised. You might experience weight gain or loss – overeating out of nervousness or not taking time to eat.

We can help!

It is important to understand the sources of stress. Learning effective techniques to manage stress, both proactively and reactively is an integral part of the work we will do together.

An important aspect of overcoming stress is identifying the strengths within yourself, as well as the sources of support you may have available – friends, family members, or other networks.

Working together, we will help you restore balance and set intentions for personal growth. Our warm and welcoming clinicians will allow you space to explore your needs and reconnect with yourself. We take a stance of curiosity in learning more about your vision for your authentic self.

Increasing your awareness is an essential first step in overcoming stress. Taking time for yourself when you are already feeling stretched to the max may feel counter-productive, but we will help you see the impact of taking time to rest. Doing so can help you feel renewed and better able to respond to the barrage of tasks always at hand.

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