Counseling for Life Transitions

Change is inevitable – we can help you cope with life changes and transitions.

Counseling for Life Transitions ChicagoThroughout life, we will all experience transitions. Some may be welcome experiences while others may be situations outside our control. No matter the circumstance, it can be difficult to adjust.

Learn to embrace the change and feel in control of the journey.

Perhaps you were so excited about your upcoming move but moving day has arrived and you feel sheer dread. What if you don’t meet anyone? What if you hate the new neighborhood?

These thoughts continue even after you begin to settle, and you cannot seem to shake the nonstop worry surrounding your decision and what lies ahead.

Transitions come in many ‘shapes.’

We might think immediately of a divorce. Yes – that’s a big one. Divorce affects each family member differently.

But there are so many others.

Counseling for Life Transitions ChicagoBeginning or ending a relationship can cause stress or worry – perhaps indecisiveness. These same emotions may develop during a job change. It’s easy to second guess what we thought was a ‘firm’ decision made after careful thought.

The cycles of life: birthing a child, the child graduates, becoming an empty-nester – while we all may want this flow, sometimes each phase can surprise us with the degree of anxiety or depression that accompanies these steps.

Some transitions come with a heavy load of worry. Loss of a loved one can feel catastrophic. A serious illness or major medical diagnosis can change life as we know it.

Can’t wait to retire? Then what? Where did the lethargy or lack of motivation go? These are the ‘golden years.’ Really. Or they can be with a little help from our team.

We can help!

Whether you are going through a positive or a negative life change, it can be difficult. You may not realize yet, but the strength to move forward lies within you.

Part of the process is allowing yourself to explore what you are feeling while working toward a place of acceptance. Learning skills to cope with the change and create a renewed sense of balance is important.

We will work together to explore the positive and negative emotions you may be experiencing related to your life changes. We will delve into what you have been through, what you are going through, and the changes that lie ahead with an emphasis on the opportunity for growth with each new experience.

Contact us today so we can support you during your transition and time of growth.

Don’t let the stress of your life transition impact your functioning. Your performance at work, ability to connect to others, and maintaining important relationships should not suffer. Failure to address the problems can lead to mental health or physical conditions.

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We will help you identify and build upon your strengths to make meaningful change.