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A dream come true – children!

You have always wanted to have a family. Children are supposed to be the best thing that happened to you. And so why do you feel stressed, tired, and unsure? You can’t get your children to follow your directions. They have tantrums that leave you embarrassed and exhausted. Your life feels so chaotic.

Can’t one of these books/blogs/Websites/podcasts help?

Parenting Help Chicago

There are so many resources and opinions available about the best way to parent.

Give them structure.

Make sure they have the time and space to explore.

Let them make mistakes.

Shield them from making mistakes.

It can all be so overwhelming!

Children don’t come with an instruction manual.

Parenting Help ChicagoEach child is different and interacts with you and any other parents in your household in a unique way. And when you add additional challenges your child might have, such as special physical needs, a trauma history from adoption or emotional struggles, it can become more confusing and stressful.

There is so much to navigate!

It’s not only about your household, but also school, activities and friends. You want your children to have the best life they can. It can be a lot of pressure that you put on yourself.

As a result, you can find yourself feeling anxious, losing sleep and unable to concentrate. You find that you aren’t connecting to others in the moment and spend more time thinking about what to do next than really enjoying your time with your family.

We can help!

Get the individualized parenting counseling that you need!

At Restorative Counseling, our staff can help identify and translate for you what the best strategies are for you and for your child. We can meet you where you and your family are to give you realistic and helpful tips.

Now, imagine being able to spend more time connecting than correcting. Imagine a household filled with more fun and love than anger and frustration. Imagine coming armed to school meetings with the education and resources that you need.  You can have the family life you always wanted.

Let’s get started today!

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