You keep hearing that the whole world has changed so much.


There are laws now about discrimination and marriage equality. And, yet, there are still moments and places that make you feel uncomfortable just for being yourself.

You want to be able to live your truth and express yourself without having to worry about what the consequences might be. This type of vigilance is not only exhausting, but over time can cause you distress and shame.

You deserve to feel seen and heard!

Your gender and sexual identity can play a big role in your life. And you get to declare what identities feel right for you. Knowing that you’re going into a safe space regarding this can make all the difference when it comes to sharing other challenges that you may be having, like anxiety, depression, or family conflict. Some of these challenges can intersect with your identities.

LGBTQIAYou may find that the discrimination you face has made it difficult to feel comfortable on the bus as you aren’t sure if someone will be staring or commenting on how you look. You may find that you’re struggling to feel comfortable in your body. Or, you might have family that are not as supportive as you wish they were.

When having to cope with these challenges, isolating yourself from others may be a choice. Identity feelings can affect sleeping or eating. Lacking in self-confidence can cause you to struggle to go after your goals whether they are personal or work-related. These challenges are holding you back. But they don’t have to anymore!

You can feel comfortable being yourself and live your best life!

We can help!

At Restorative Counseling, we are here to give you the support and validation that you need and deserve in a safe, affirming and non-judgmental space. As a result, we can help you process how the discrimination you may have faced as part of the LGBTQIA community is impacting you currently. We’ll share our knowledge of tools and strategies to manage your emotions in the moment and heal from the past challenges.

There is hope for you to be able to love yourself and navigate life’s challenges.

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