Counseling for Relationship Challenges

Humans are wired for social connection.

Counseling for Relationship Challenges ChicagoSome of us crave social interactions more than others, but relationships are an inevitable part of life. Social, professional, and romantic relationships can be both rewarding and challenging.

Unfortunately, the emotional security provided in connecting with others can be overcome by conflict at times.

Often, the obstacles faced within relationships build up and can lead to “mountains from molehills.” Developing connections with others can lead to feeling vulnerable.

Key attributes of relationships…

Counseling for Relationship Challenges Chicago

In all relationships, we must balance the need to listen with being heard; the need for self-resiliency with the need to ask for help; and the need to set boundaries with the need to let others in. It is equally important to recognize that while you cannot control others, you can control the way you interact and react.

It is important to explore the past and how unspoken issues may be influencing present functioning. Facing unresolved conflicts is just one critical step toward change.

What can go wrong in relationships?

Everything.Counseling for Relationship Challenges Chicago

We recognize how challenging it is to take care of ourselves and our attitudes. Double that!

Often, the most common issue within a relationship is communication difficulties. This may be caused by one or the other ‘guarding’ what is said – or how to be free with our feelings while still maintaining control.

It’s easy to feel misunderstood within relationships. And it is hard to see there may be two sides. Managing conflict is never easy.

And then dependence. If the relationship is required ‘to make you happy,’ when it falls apart… feelings of abandonment may arise. Isolation may be the antidote – but it isn’t. Loneliness erodes self-confidence.

While our friends and family may say, ‘Get back out there; there’re more fish in the sea,’ we are thinking, ‘No way will I ever put myself in a relationship again. I won’t ever trust anyone again.’

We can help!

We will work with you to enhance your ability to effectively navigate issues that inherently arise within relationships. We offer counseling to individuals, couples, and families to help address relationship challenges together or in conjunction with others.

At Restorative Counseling, we provide a safe and empathetic environment for you to openly explore yourself and your experiences with and reactions toward others.

Delving into the past will allow us to understand the impact that previous relationships, as well as beliefs and expectations about relationships formed in childhood, may have on your current relationships.

Although understanding the past is an important element of our work together, our focus is on identifying the strengths you possess to establish the connections you desire with others. Together, we will cultivate the insight necessary to have deep, meaningful relationships.

Refining and adapting skills to communicate effectively can allow you to strengthen your connections with others.

Contact us today to experience the joy of fulfilling and mutually respective relationships.

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