Family Counseling

Our Mission:  To Strengthen the Family Unit.

Just as humans grow individually, your family must learn to grow and adapt to the challenges you’ll face at various stages of life.

Families go through phases. Having a baby. Raising children. Blending families. Children becoming adults.

With each phase, challenges arise. Learning how to effectively communicate with one another is key. Determining and setting healthy boundaries is a challenging, yet necessary task. The foundation of family therapy is to learn how to work as a team – a functioning system that supports each person.

A family has a personality – and each member of the family has a personality. Blending these varied personalities is a daily juggling act.

When should parents be stern and rules unbendable?

When should children be given more freedom?

What happens when life events shake up your family’s stability?

Even the strongest families face extraordinary circumstances.

Trauma, grief, and loss – we can’t plan for these things, and they can often be devastating.

Life transitions like moving, a new baby, a major health diagnosis, or a mental health condition — each change is challenging in its’ own way. Whether you plan for the changes or not, they affect each member of the family.

Divorce or separation – the end of a relationship brings on so many emotions for all family members. Even if you’re the one making the decision, traversing the transition is never easy.

You don’t have to face these circumstances alone.

When working with your family, we’ll address each family member’s individual needs. Each of you brings your own unique personality, perspective, and outlook – we respect that.

We’ll foster a safe space to explore what’s not working well and how you can all work together toward a united goal.

You’ll learn how to set boundaries, communicate effectively, and resolve conflict in healthy ways.

We can help!

At Restorative Counseling, our focus is on providing a compassionate space for your family to process and discuss family dynamics. We can give you the support, guidance, and resources you need to strengthen your family bond and face even the toughest obstacles together.

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