Counseling for Conflict Management

Everyone has different ways of dealing with conflict. We partner with you to help you understand your habits in order to form healthy methods for managing conflict.

Conflict Management ChicagoWhen you constantly must deal with conflict, it can take a toll on your stress levels and everyday can feel like a struggle. You spend your time walking on eggshells around people who you feel are at odds with you.

Making it through each day takes every ounce of energy you possess. Some days are so physically and emotionally exhausting that you lose motivation to fulfill your responsibilities. Your physical and mental health, work life, and relationships suffer as a result.

Conflict can present in many ways. Maybe you have trouble working closely with a coworker, getting along with a friend, dealing with disagreements within your family, or sorting through differences in your relationship.

Regardless of how you experience conflict, the effects make it hard to feel content with your relationships.

Family Conflict

Conflict Management ChicagoFamily connections are some of the most important relationships in people’s lives. When conflict arises between family members, relationships can become complicated. You may feel like you have less options when it comes to speaking up or setting boundaries.

Perhaps you feel stuck between family members and uncomfortable about having to choose sides. This can cause anxiety, stress, and an urge to isolate yourself from family.

That’s where we come in. We can provide tools to help you identify when you can manage the conflict and when you need to prioritize taking care of yourself.

Professional Conflict

Conflict Management ChicagoHave you ever struggled with the Sunday night blues or woken up every morning with a sense of dread just because you have to see the person who you can’t seem to get along with at your job?

The last thing you want to do is work closely with someone who undercuts your efforts and belittles every decision you make. You want to be content at your job, but your interactions with this person make each day seem like a battle.

Finding a middle ground does not seem possible at this point. As a result, you move through your week in a constant state of irritation.

We are here to help. While conflict is never comfortable, we can assist you with building the confidence you need to manage your emotions and your work relationships! You will have the chance to learn practical skills and tools to deal with challenging work relationships.

Relationship Conflict

Conflict Management ChicagoInteractions between friends or partners can sometimes leave you feeling sad, resentful, and angry. Maybe you both say things that you don’t really mean and later regret. Disagreements can quickly turn into disputes that end with both people feeling hurt and distant from the other.

As a result, you constantly feel on edge about the status of your friendship or relationship. You just want to get along again, but you feel hopeless that things will ever get better. At this point, you think to yourself, “Is change possible?”

We can help!

At Restorative Counseling, we empower you to understand and take the steps to cope with conflict. No matter what type of conflict you face, our clinicians can provide assistance. You will have the opportunity to freely and honestly explore common themes and recognize barriers that you may face when interacting with others.

Building off the strengths you already possess, we collaborate with you to create realistic ways for you to address your specific conflict needs.

If you are struggling with your relationships, we are here to support you! If you are ready to find better ways to manage the conflict in your life, reach out to us.

We will help you identify and build upon your strengths to make meaningful change.