Counseling for Communication Difficulties

Communication is a requirement from birth.

Communication DifficultiesYou learn communication at birth – that first cry. Quickly, you understand that crying will bring attention, food, dry diaper, etc.

As you grow older, you no longer cry to get your needs – or wants – met but you may struggle finding other ways. Perhaps you are passive in a conversation where you fulfill the other person’s needs neglecting your own.

Or perhaps you don’t listen. You say what you think or feel at the expense of hearing what someone else may think. Clamming up is another poor communication choice, because those around you then have to ‘guess’ at what you are feeling.

If you identify with the above, you may want to look deeper into how you communicate.

Our well-being depends on communication.

Communication DifficultiesCommunication can be difficult but necessary for all relationships and our well-being. Communication is a way for us to use our voice to express our emotions, get our needs met, and to connect to the larger world around us.

When we are not communicating effectively, we may feel misunderstood and alone. These feelings may lead to us avoid or not want to communicate. And the snowball continues: we may internalize our feelings and may even feel like our voice doesn’t matter.

Enhancing your communication skills can help you become more confident in using your voice, communicating your needs, and connecting with others.

We can help!

At Restorative Counseling, we are dedicated to helping you increase your communication skills and truly use your voice.

We will begin by identifying and discussing your current communication skills.  Once we identify your current skills, we will explore how they may be affecting your relationships and different areas of your life. From there, we begin to discover, practice, and overall expand your communication skills.

If you would like to learn more or start the process of enhancing your communication, please contact us today! Our clinicians would love to join you on your communication journey!

We will help you identify and build upon your strengths to make meaningful change.