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CAREER DEVELOPMENTWork can be a rewarding part of life – or it can cause extreme stress. Most often, it can be both.

Today, many people feel the pressure to be “successful” at work. Making more money and getting promoted may become the focus, and we lose sight of the importance of enjoying the job, too. It may be that you need help identifying and maximizing your skill set. Or your time management is weak.

It can feel difficult to find the “right fit.” At times, it can feel impossible to decide what path to take, when to move on, and how to be the best within the current position. We can help you develop your career goals and determine whether to stay with your company – or move on.

Every job includes some level of stress. However, feeling unable to manage stress in a productive way can have damaging implications for yourself, your relationships, and your career. Overcoming perfectionism may be the key to help juggle the demands of a career and a private life.

Maybe the stress of the job has started to impact other areas of your life.

CAREER DEVELOPMENTDo you struggle to leave work at work?

Are you cancelling plans frequently because you have too much to do or because you are too tired from long work hours?

Do you find yourself “burning the midnight oil”?

It may be time for a change. Maybe you need to move to a new role, a new industry, or learn how to conquer the role you are in. It is important to be clear on your goals and how you can set yourself up for success. If a job change occurs – at your choice or not – transitioning is not easy.

We can help!

We understand the importance of career satisfaction. Working collaboratively, we will explore your strengths and what brings satisfaction, as well as barriers and unproductive behaviors that may be preventing you from recognizing your true potential. Take the first step in determining the best path for your unique talents and abilities.

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