Body Image

Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin?

Help with Body Image ChicagoYou see them as soon as you look in the mirror. The love handles. The split ends. That enormous patch of acne in the middle of your forehead.

Life will be so much better, so much happier, if you could just lose weight, change your hair, or clear up your complexion.

You’ve tried everything. Every fad diet, every hair treatment, every skin product. But nothing works. Still the same body. Minus more self-confidence. Negative thoughts just keep chipping and chipping away.

But your body’s not the problem.

Help with Body Image ChicagoYou’ve been conditioned to think so. You’ve been trained to think you’re not trying hard enough to change it. That if it’s not the ideal, it’s your fault.

According to a recent study published by Common Sense Media, by the time girls reach the age of 10, 80% of them have been on a diet. Viewing your body as a problem starts at a young age and only worsens as you grow up.

Well-meaning family members, friends, and even physicians may tell you that you need to change your body.  The more you hear, the more ingrained the body shame becomes.

Shame can have a huge impact.

It can cause negative self-talk, isolation, and anxiety.

Shame can hold you back from pursing a coveted job or relationship because you think you’re not “good enough.” It can cause you to become so preoccupied with food and exercise to the point that you no longer nourish or care for your body.

Help with Body Image Chicago

You deserve to live the life you’ve always wanted right now, not “once you’ve lost the weight.”

You deserve to be FREE!

Free – from constantly thinking negative thoughts about yourself.

Free – from obsessing over the next “miracle” diet or product.

Free – to take the chance on that new job or new relationship

We can help!

Together, we’ll explore the roots of your body image – how you developed the view of your body as a problem. We will process through any negative memories you have of discrimination or bullying because of your appearance. More importantly, you’ll learn how to rebuild your self-image with compassion and love.

You’ll gain the tools to vanquish difficult, negative spontaneous thoughts and feelings. You will replace those thoughts with more neutral observations of yourself and the world. Your sense of defeat will be replaced with hope.

Your confident self waits for you within; let’s begin the healing and liberation today!

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